We are a specialist ground engineering company based in Glasgow and operating throughout the UK

 We are a ground engineering company based in Glasgow and operating throughout the UK

Precast piles

Northern Piling offer the design, supply, and installation of continuously reinforced precast concrete piles

Northern Piling can now offer a continuously reinforced precast concrete pile, cast in standard square sections from 200mm to 400mm of increased increments of 50mm and from 4m in length, increasing in 1m increments to standard lengths of up to 14m.

Northern Piling are delighted to announce that we have built an ongoing alliance with Centrum Pile Ltd who supply our precast concrete pile projects.

Centrum Pile Ltd carry the largest stock of continuously reinforced concrete piles with a yard capacity of 150 thousand meters, this is currently the largest in Britain.

Centrum precast concrete piles are manufactured using the most advanced technology available, they have a high structural capacity which is achieved from the use of high strength sulphate resisting concrete and exceptionally rigid welded reinforcing cages. This means the Centrum Pile System can be installed to work at higher concrete stress levels than would be permissible for piles formed in the ground using traditional cast insitu wet concrete. Watch the manufacturing process below:


All precast concrete pile sections are made with an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in accordance with international standards BS EN 12974:2005.

Northern Piling offer driven precast concrete piles to its clients. With our alliance with Centrum Pile Ltd we are very flexible and able to deliver on any size of project. Driven precast piling is a fast and cost-effective deep foundation method suitable for a wide range of ground conditions, the system generate no spoil or arising from the installation and remove the need for additional traffic movements in and out of the site. On urban brownfield sites, there is also no hazardous waste to dispose of.

Precast concrete piles are installed in the ground by our industry leading pile driving equipment. Due to the possibility of carrying vertical and horizontal loads as well as bending moments, precast piles are used for the foundation of all sorts of engineering structures under virtually every soil conditions. Piles can be a single section, or several sections can be jointed to provide longer piles for deeper ground conditions.

The primary advantages of our precast pile technology include a relatively short time of installation, high quality of the product, possibilities to carry out work in low air temperatures and driving piles at a rake as well as a full control of pile bearing capacities.

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