We are a specialist ground engineering company based in Glasgow and operating throughout the UK

 We are a ground engineering company based in Glasgow and operating throughout the UK


Steel Tubular Piles




Northern Piling Ltd offer steel tubular piles to its clients. These recycled oil & gas drilling cases are high grade thick wall steel tubes , suited to aggressive and complex ground conditions containing cobbles and/or boulder obstructions, sloping rock head or contaminated ground, the piles are robust and can withstand high driving stresses which assists with overcoming very dense bands or obstructions. Steel Tubular piles produce zero bore spoil during installation, which makes them suitable for sites where the soil may be contaminated. Other Benafits are on sites with vibration issues for surrounding structures.

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Ranging from 140-762mm with pitched length up to 16m, high vertical and horizontal load capacities achievable depending on section size. Driven Steel Tubular piles are manufactured of a high grade of steel that lends itself very well to being driven into the ground for bearing piles.



Northern Piling Ltd are committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions. We do so by using repurposed steel tubular piles, which has shown to heavily reduce carbon emissions levels. For every tonne of repurposed tubulars used, compared to new manufactured prime steel tubulars, we save 97.21% of carbon emissions and yearly will save 6,147,500kg of CO2e. By installing these steel tubular piles on our sites we offer our clients the best piled solution for their project but also contributing towards a net zero future and greener planet.